Digital Printing Services

Digital Printing Services

The phrase "Digital Printing" is overused and is the casualty of a wide range of interpretation and misunderstanding. For the sake of consistency, the term "digital" should be used to describe the manner in which images (files of text or graphics) are transferred to a printing device, and not to describe the actual output. The "Digital Workflow" is much easier to comprehend.

Another important misconception of "digital printing": is that of quality. Many print buyers and non-digital printers have wrongly accused the digital print world. Pure digital output is an "original," not a copy. Every additional image of the electronic file is an additional original, not additional copies! If you understand this, you have conquered the basis of the dominant misunderstanding. True Digital Printing Services are not the same as copying!

The printing industry has been very slow to embrace digital printing technology. For over a decade, the new high-speed 'digital-print' devices have been producing quality images in single and multi-color, but fewer than five-percent of the printers have actually installed the technology. And, it is estimated that less than fifteen percent of all printing in 2005 will actually be produced digitally.

At, we have merged traditional printing with evolving digital workflow techniques to provide "real" solutions for our clients.

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