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Design - Print - Mail

07/26/2006 4:07 pm

In 1999, a division of a Fortune 500 Healthcare corporation, and a provider of continuing medical education courses on a national basis, was searching for a vendor to provide a single source solution for their graphic design, printing, distribution, and fulfillment. Our solution included hiring and training staff dedicated primarily to this account. A graphic designer, CSR, and Senior Account Manager – all supported by the core management and production group – created a team approach to managing their workflow.

The approach was beneficial. The company was able to handle more programs because we shifted much of their internal inefficient, multi-vendor administration to our single-source model. We design and print their marketing material, integrate educational content, manage mailings, receive business reply mail and update lists, store inventory of video & audio (CD, VHS, DVD), prepare (fulfillment) specific kits on-demand, and provide weekly reports in respect to throughput, inventory, and costs. Their business has grown four-fold, and they credit our system as being instrumental in that growth.