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Cost Effective Alternatives

07/26/2006 4:07 pm

A major international provider of specialized statistical software had for their twenty year existence, purchased printing like most other companies: three bids, with the lowest price receiving the order. As their company and product variations grew, their print requirements became more complex. Printing costs, while fair, were higher than necessary because they were not taking advantage of alternative production methods available to them.

We helped them convert certain hard-bound book and manual products to soft cover and loose-leaf, utilizing custom binders and printed tab sections instead of expensive case-binding for small quantity publications. Additionally, we saved them considerable money by teaching them how to reduce run lengths and inventory, avoiding excess spoilage or obsolescence of the technical product literature.

Forms Management Systems

07/26/2006 4:07 pm

A publicly traded medical services company with 80 healthcare clinics in 25 states required a solution and alternative for the traditional method of forms, manuals, and marketing material being procured in each local market, independent of a central control system. Their costs were out of control and there was no consistency in the appearance or quality of printed products from location to location.

Our forms management system was instrumental in consolidating hundreds of similar-purpose forms into less than one-hundred standardized forms. After ten months of research, revision, and planning an order entry and print-on-demand system was put into place. The printing expenditures were reduced from over $500,000. to about $300,000. in the first year the plan was implemented. Similar percentage expenditure advantage gains were achieved with marketing and collateral material.

Just-In-Time Printing

07/27/2006 10:07 am

In 1995, a multi-million dollar manufacturing division of a Fortune 500 Corporation found themselves with a massive inventory of forms, manuals, documentation, and marketing materials. We introduced the "print-on-demand" concept to them and were able to eliminate their internal warehouse space and convert it into productive uses.

As importantly, within two years we helped them reduce their printing purchases 25% and reduce those costs $250,000. In the next five years, with our joint efforts and our "just-in-time" print scheduling, we have reduced their print purchases to $350,000. annualy (A 65% cost reduction) while their business has continued to grow and expand.