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Data Warehouse & Distribution

07/27/2006 10:07 am

Another division of a Fortune 100 corporation had a unique problem. Their sister manufacturing company is located in Germany, and they required a means of uniting the marketing and technical literature (in multiple languages) to a central point where changes could be made quickly and efficiently. Equally important was that the dozens of custom versions of the updated product literature needed to be printed and shipped to the manufacturing plant in time for inclusion in the actual product shipment. Also, their international sales representatives needed access to the nearly two hundred technical bulletins produced in their field.

Our solution is to create an electronic warehouse of their documents on a protected and secure portion of our servers. They have the ability to access their files, upload changes, and view proofs. They can place electronic orders, receive confirmations, authorize and direct shipments, and monitor inventories. Their marketing people can view all product literature and order copies to be sent to themselves or their clients as required. The material can be sent in hard copy, PDF, or on CDs which we create on premises and drop-ship.