Our Efforts: 

theprinters.com is committed to protecting our employees, customers, and the environment. Our efforts have gained attention locally, and beyond our immediate region.  We regularly receive applause for engaging our employees and customers in the effort.

Our 55,000 square feet office, manufacturing, and warehouse space processes over 2 million pounds of paper annually, and place approximately one million pieces into USPS mail stream every month.

Our company has always been a recycler of major consumables used in the manufacturing process.  Historically we recycle  all waste paper, trimming, and unusable products from manufacturing – the annual weight of this ongoing recycling effort is over 300,000 pounds.   We have always recycled waste ink – note: inks used are soy-based, used aluminum press plates, depleted chemistry and solvents – note: liquids are aqueous-based.

Some of our more-recent, expanded internal efforts include:  all plastic bottles, aluminum cans, miscellaneous plastic containers, office paper,  paper wrap, cardboard, plastic strapping, metal banding, ink cans, shrink wrap material, and electronics.  – these additional efforts have also save many dollars per month in refuse costs.

While we are clearly committed to the environment, we are nonetheless dismayed by the continuous “greenwashing” of the public by certain groups and large corporations.  The “go-green and save trees” claims that promote electronics over paper are at best misleading.  The claims simply do not consider the renewability of paper, and ignore the landfills full of plastic and heavy metals from discarded personal computers, printers, and tablets.

The printing industry does not destroy trees, because Paper is a renewable and recyclable resource. The forest products industry plants more than 1.7 million trees per day.  For every tree that is harvested, several more are planted or naturally regenerated.

The next time you see a claim that “paperless” is better for the planet, consider the motives.  Paperless saves money for the one making the claim, and reduces their oversight responsibility and accountability.

What does it mean for you?
Whether you arrived at your decision to become more environmentally-friendly as a cost savings measure, a new direction for marketing your business, or simply to do something to make the planet a better place to live; here are a few tips on how to get started…

One of the fastest and easiest ways to ‘go green’ is to switch to an environment-friendly printer — theprinters.com.  Immediately your company will reduce its carbon footprint with very little effort or expense.  At the same time, your high-visibility materials — used by your employees and customers — will be produced in an environmentally-conscious manner.

To begin, start with your printed materials by requesting FSC certification or recycled paper.  And, these days, recycled paper doesn’t mean you have to see the fibers in the sheet.  Modern non-toxic bleaching methods allow for bright white and solid color stock in all weights and sizes.

Paper is only the first step… we use vegetable oil based inks with less than 5 percent volatile organic hydrocarbons (VOCs), and water based/soluble solvents that replace poisonous chemicals.  Green printers such as theprinters.com purchase many materials that are already prepared using renewable energy.  They also utilize everything from natural light in office and production areas to low-watt bulbs for less energy consumption — keeping their (and your) carbon footprint to a minimum.

Another simple solution we offer is PRINT-ON-DEMAND services, along with mailing and ORDER FULFILLMENT that can greatly reduce your company’s need for excessive inventory and warehouse space (along with related heating and air conditioning energy usage and expenses).  theprinters.com can virtually eliminate the need for wasted printing over-runs of time-sensitive and/or frequently updated catalogs, manuals and other printed materials.

Our group of companies provide everything from DESIGN, PRINTING and MAILING.  As a one-stop vendor, KB can save your company time and turnaround on most print-related projects.  Not only can KB design or update your materials, but they can manage the work flow through print production and fulfillment, and drop-ship orders to locations anywhere around the world.

If you would like to take the first step toward becoming more environmentally-friendly, contact your us today.  We will help you find a level that fits your needs and budget.  Whether you’re new to environmental-consciousness, or a confirmed tree-hugger, we can assist your firm in going green.

by switching over to LED and/or CFL lighting. Avoid excessive heat and air conditioning usage in offices, warehouses and plants. Check insulation on doors, windows, loading areas and ceilings. Don’t keep computers on overnight — PCs and monitors represent one percent of U.S. electricity use. And, according to the EPA, approximately half of this energy is wasted when machines are left on overnight or not set in the ‘sleep mode.’

your company’s paper, plastics, glass, cans, equipment, parts, and all other materials that can be recycled. Look for (and use) recyclable products. Find out where your nearest recycling center is located, and designate an employee(s) to coordinate.

boxes, packaging, containers and even shipping envelopes. Save waste materials from production that can be reused. Repair, paint and/or find alternative uses for office supplies, fixtures, furnishings, etc. Purchase used items and/or donate items that can be used by non-profits (for a tax deduction by your company).

fuel by avoiding unnecessary driving trips/deliveries — teleconference and telecommute. Encourage employee carpooling where possible, and the use of public transportation, walking or riding bikes. Keep fleet vehicles in-tune and tires inflated properly — burn green fuels. Trade down SUVs to more fuel-efficient automobiles. At home, go from three cars to two; or better yet, two to one. Consider buying a hybrid or plug-in. A vehicle that gets 20 miles per gallon adds 50 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere over its lifetime; while a 40-mpg car emits only have that.

is available in the form of solar panels, portable solar-powered devices, rooftop wind turbines, and from green energy companies. In some areas you can also purchase your electricity from green power companies; or even purchase carbon offset ‘credits.’

purchased from a vendor, pass their reduced carbon-footprint on to your company (chain of custody); and subsequently you can passit on to your clients. Buy and manufacture green!

are available to replace most cleaners, solvents and production materials that are classified as pollutants. In many instances, the ‘green’ alternatives work just as well, and will save your business money previously spent on regulatory disposal methods.

Create and/or preserve green space(s) around your building. Plant / landscape to improve the nearby enviroment. Clean up offices, warehouse, plant and parking areas.

Discuss environmental policy ideas among employees. See what other companies are doing successfully, and give something a try… Start small and grow as you become more familiar with the processes, materials and economics of going green.

can provide a means of instantly reducing your environmental impact without breaking your budget. Contact theprinters.com for the many options available to your company.

FSC: Forest Stewardship Council.  The FSC certification is designated only to certain companies who contribute to the improvement and maintenance of well-managed forests and conservation.  As a high volume user of paper, derived from wood pulp, we maintain a chain of custody and control of paper products from the forest, through the mills, and to the end-user customer, guaranteeing the responsible management of international standards.

For more information contact us or visit the FSC Website.