STATE COLLEGE — K-B Offset Printing d/b/a, was recently awarded the GRACoL-7, “Master Printer” Qualification Certificate. The G7 Certification is governed and administered by an international trade group, IDEAlliance, who educates, trains, calibrates, and reviews printing and proofing devices to assure adherence to a strict set of guidelines and procedures. The intense process lasted one year from beginning to end.

The G7 designation sets the company as an Expert in the field of color management, process, and quality control. With the G7 status, is able to analyze, take corrective action, and bring systems to established standards and specifications with repeatable and predictable results.

Currently, there are only four hundred forty (440) GRACoL-7 “Master Printer” certifications in the entire U.S., and only twenty (20) in Pennsylvania, creating an elite group of high-quality organizations with the capacity, equipment, and skilled individuals able to provide the extreme tolerances of quality management.

“We are delighted to add the G7 platform to our growing resume of accomplishments in the graphics industry,” says Raymond Caravan, President, “Our ongoing commitment to our customers and the industry is why we strive to continuously improve our methods. The G7, along with our Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) green certification a year ago, place us in a small group of printers who can handle the widest range of offset, digital, wide format, and print-on-demand projects in the highest quality standards combined with responsible environmental consideration.”

Currently, K-B and is developing a digital storefront and web-portal access to various print and graphics products. The company plans a July release for the internet access and digital warehouse.